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Welcome to IHAVEATHINGFOREXO! This blog is a FAN-INTERACTION BLOG solely dedicated to the South Korean-Chinese male group EXO. We are proud to say that we are the first IHAVEATHINGFOR BLOG!

This is a request by anonymous….you all can give me ideas for the surveys if you’d like, but it is my decision if I will conduct them or not. It is based on the interest level of the question.

CONTROVERSIAL, huh? Yea I know, we see these babies as perfect angels that were sent from the heavens….or ahemm….EXO PLANET. But we all can’t deny that NOBODY’s PERFECT.

You’ll have all 12 EXO MEMBERS TO CHOOSE FROM.

GO GO GO! Have fun!

And P.S. Anon, thanks for your interesting survey idea!

Should I tell you my pick? Hm………KRIS. Don’t ask me why. i love him but…yea…that’s what I think…

SURVEY UPDATE: Since this is an argumentative topic, I won’t be tallying votes. You can check people’s responses though….for your own interest….I won’t be closing the survey either.


May 22, 2012 with 50 notes
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  2. guiltpangs answered: thqh i think a couple of members probably had eyelid surgery. but idk for sure…
  3. kimp05 answered: Don’t get me wrong, I love him but Kai. His nose bothers me for some reason and I don’t know why. But then I saw his predut pics ahhh IDK.
  4. exotistory answered: NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. yeolol answered: Luhan definitely got the tip of his nose done but it was so unnecessary lmao, Lay got a nosejob, Chanyeol might have done his eyes. :u
  6. xiaoeri answered: after seeing tons of predebut pictures, almost all of them are pretty much the same o_O luhan might have had double-eyelid surgery though?
  7. loveforyunho answered: Although he’s my bias… T.T Lu Han.
  8. gingerchew97 answered: Kris, Lay, Sehun got nosejob. obvious!
  9. joonmas-shituation answered: none, people grow into their looks and features, and they developed into 12 beautiful boys
  10. chopsticksandpianos answered: Kris probably got some type of teeth surgery or braces and skin whitening. Sehun had braces, i think… idk.
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  12. anderson8130 answered: D.O is my bias :) and he has no plastic surgery for sure <3
  13. opalwhisker answered: i’ve heard rumors that sehun’s had double eyelid surgery…. but i don’t know if it’s true
  14. yuzuruhanyu answered: none
  15. bluepeoplerule answered: I think Kris looks the same he just bleached his skin or something, he wasn’t white before, he was darker, he’s beautiful either way
  16. loveexozura93 answered: Hm… I don’t think so? *_*
  17. honestlyinotherwords answered: Does it matter?….
  18. m-rated answered: tbh, i’m not sure how to pick judging from their predebut pictures
  19. corgimunchkincat answered: kris
  20. yixing-gnixiy answered: NONE. can that be an option please
  21. tohogirl5 answered: Kris
  22. luhaneysenpai answered: Lay
  23. hyoknow-it answered: kris
  24. wumyun answered: I’m going to be extremely honest and say Chanyeol and Baekhyun MIGHT have. This is just my opinion. I don’t care if they did/didn’t though.
  25. followthehistory answered: I’ll say Lay, because he’s the one who looks most different from predebut to now.
  26. namu-wife answered: lol I’m not answering this cuz I don’t think anyone did plastic surgery.. Guys, looking a lot different from predebut is normal when growing
  27. krismaxing answered: Hmmm hard to chose but for some reason my instinct says Lay (where the horn boy? jkjk)
  28. kpopsector answered: Kris
  29. lovelyyeol answered: kris
  30. iloveparkchanyeur answered: Luhan
  31. fap-monster answered: sehun
  32. jonglla answered: Kris….Not alot though„,he just looks the most different from his predebut pics
  33. exom-exok-make-history answered: lol reallyyyy can’t tell. i dont think kris has tho, he just lightened his skin
  34. getshaineyfied answered: i was the one who sent this..haha thanks YOU ARE MY FAVE ADMIN!!
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