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KRIS’ (left) or LAY’s (right)? Why?

Answer below?

September 5, 2013 with 73 notes
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  2. bobabubblebutt answered: right! Kris went overboard with his artistic mind XD
  3. soy-kai-latte answered: I CAN’T CHOOSE!
  4. deathslittlegirllizu answered: Lay’s cake…Kris what the fuck I’m a culinary major this makes me cry
  5. xiuhanholic answered: Though I’m on a strict diet right now, I’ll eat both. :D I just love them both. I’ll just exercise SEVERELY after.
  6. baekachu-chanrizard-arkainine answered: Lady’s because lay. Also it looks cuter and better put together.
  7. schaly answered: Lay’s. I definitely love the care in it. Also I don’t want to support Kris’s “art” and inflate his Picasso-Ego any more. xD
  8. b2utyhaesbich answered: Both. But I think Lay’s one is better… It looks more… well edible.
  9. sunheexing answered: Lay’s cake ^^
  10. depanlaptop answered: ofc lay’s
  11. iamthatgirlyouknew answered: Lay’s. Because Kris’s looks like he trying. To help you escape from prison or something. Does not look safe.
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  13. onelilvietgrl answered: lay :D
  14. jean-not-grey answered: Lay’s cake! Lol, the world can’t handle Kris’ “art.”
  15. licking-sehuns-butthole answered: YIXING BECAUSE SO FREAKING ADORABLE
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  17. krzhope-amnos answered: lay’s cake…just because kris’ cake looks scary! LOL! joke! lay’s cake looks really delicious! =D
  18. jongdae-stole-my-tardis answered: Lay’s. To me Kris’s looks looks as if it has knives stabbed into it with indicates to me that he might stab me
  19. artbyyifan answered: Kris, because it came from my baby. I would smile and eat it… even the jalapeno stems.
  20. simpleseconds answered: Lay because it looks more appealing:3
  21. lusence answered: right, coz it’s much pleasing to eat lol
  22. luvxxexo answered: Lay’s, I don’t think I can handle the explosion of flavors in kris’ cake
  23. exos-sleeping-beauty-lay answered: Lay’s because I love him…and I have no idea what’s on Kris’
  24. hiooy answered: Lay’s cake.. cuz it’s good
  25. stiles-stilnskis answered: Lay because I don’t like peppers on my cake. But his is nice though….
  26. vivithai13 answered: Lay’s! Cause he made his cake related to EXO and….. he’s my bias <3 haha.
  27. excuse-mee-miss answered: probably kris’s… it looks interesting and it looks like it has more stuff on it LOL
  28. prettyfranfran answered: Lay’s without a doubt. It looks so pretty and edible kekeke ~ Though Kris made a good effort, so, thumbs up for him :D!
  29. pambelhuerta answered: Delicioso jjjjj
  30. chenophilic answered: Lay’s because it looks more edible. o.o
  31. heroesfan101 answered: Lay’s because it looks like it won’t choke me. Good effort on Kris’s part.
  32. chengerine answered: Lay’s, because Kris’ look like he tried to summon a demon from it prior to gifting it to me
  33. exo-liciousness answered: or course lay„lolol